Osireion at Mystic South July 19-21

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Join us for two Osireion events at this wonderful southeastern Pagan conference in Hotlanta: Mystic South  Beautiful Feast of the Valley, our summer solstice ceremony based on the ancient Theban festival, will be held on Friday, July 19, at 2:00 PM. On Saturday, July 20, Holli Emore will teach the Ancient Egyptian Spirituality for Modern Pagans workshop.

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality for Modern Pagans
Shrouded in the mists of prehistory are the origins of Ancient Egyptian religious thought. What may seem obscure from the outside comes to vibrant life when one begins to understand key ancient concepts, images, and the rhythm of life around the Nile’s annual cycle. The founder of the Osireion has studied Egyptology and hieroglyphs informally for nearly fifteen years and shares history, insights and suggestions for adapting the ancient for your modern Pagan practice.

Beautiful Feast of the Valley – Ancient Egyptian Midsummer Ritual
The Beautiful Feast of the Valley is a holiday that was observed each year around the summer solstice in ancient Thebes. The priests at the Karnak Temple brought out the images of Amon, Mut and their son Khons, put them on a solar boat, and hauled it across the Nile, followed by all the people of Thebes, for a day of offerings to the ancestors at the tombs on the west bank, followed by a night of feasting. Members of Temple Osireion will present their contemporary ritual, including discussion of key concepts of Ancient Egyptian Spirituality for today’s practitioners.