Enter a timeless time, a world between worlds,
A place of refreshment and renewal,
The spring of rebirth which is the Osireion

We Affirm
a) The divine eternal is manifest in each human being, and in all of creation.
b) All of creation is sacred.
c) Each of us has direct access to limitless knowledge and power.
d) No single belief system or practice is necessary or appropriate for everyone.

Egyptian Renewal

Although distant in time, many Osireion friends have had personal contemporary encounters with one or more of the ancient Egyptian nTrw (deities). Years of study, reflection and experimentation have evolved to become what we call the Osireion tradition. We have found our values (below) reflected in the ancient record, and have come to love the ways of that time (mostly Middle and New Kingdom). Along with our regular small-group meetings and devotions, Temple Osireion annually observes the following special ceremonies:

Wep Renpet – Opening of the Year, around Aug 1
Presentation of Maat – Autumn Equinox
Mysteries of Osiris – early November
Birth of Horus – Winter Solstice
Lights of Nut – around Feb 1
Feast of Isis – Shem el Nessim, Vernal Equinox
Becoming Hathor – around May 1
Beautiful Feast of the Valley – Summer Solstice

About The Sacred

We understand that all life is sacred and possesses some form of consciousness, down to the smallest sub-atomic particle. We see the source of all life immanent and manifest throughout the universe as we perceive it.

We especially hold dear the complex form of life we call Earth, and on which we depend for our own physical life.

We acknowledge that we do not completely comprehend that which we call the Divine, Spirit, or All-That-Is, but accept that our physical existence does not reveal all that may be known about creation. We believe that there are many ways to exist, and the physical life we perceive now is only one of those. That said, we do not live for a better “hereafter,” but treasure our physical life, seeking to live it fully and with joy.

We Value
a) Community, in all its forms.
b) Honesty and integrity.
c) Earth and all creation as a living being.
d) Service to others.
e) The arts and ritual as sacred channels for our mission.

For more information contact sekhmet  (at)  osireion.com