Mysteries of Osiris

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Sunday, November 20, Osireion will hold beautiful ritual drama commemorating the death of Osiris, the lamentations of Isis, her search for Osiris, and the magic of his return to life as god of the ancient Egyptian world of the dead.  Annually, for thousands of years, this drama was re-enacted over a period of several days in Abydos, home of the mysterious temple for which Osireion group is named.  Isis is said to be the archetype for the divine feminine in many forms, from the Middle East to Britain.  Osiris is thought by many to be the origin of the Jesus story of life, death and resurrection. Each guest will take home a handmade scarab, symbol of ever-renewing life.  Presented by the members of Temple Osireion.  Because seating for guests at this private event is limited, the first 20 people to RSVP will be given a reservation and the address of the private home in Columbia where Mysteries of Osiris will take place.  Mysteries of Osiris will start on time and latecomers will be unable to enter, so please arrive early!