Lights of Nut Feb 2 2013

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Every year at this time Ancient Egyptians gathered to celebrate the Feast of Nut (pronounced “noot” like “boot”), whose vast blue star-covered body stretched across the sky above them. The sun (symbolized by the scarab beetle in the painting at left) traveled across her body each day, was swallowed by her at dusk, then rebirthed each dawn. Nut’s arms and legs were the four pillars on which the vault of heaven rested. With her lover, Geb, the earth, she gave birth to the Heliopolitans Isis, Osiris, Set and Nephthys.

Each of us makes our own journey through the night, seeking the light of understanding. While we must make a solitary journey, we are not alone. The deep blue body of Nut, the sky mother, embraces and receives us all, and gives rebirth to us with the dawn.

Members and friends of Osireion will gather  to hold a short ceremony called Lights of Nut, at 5:30 PM, and will repeat the service at 7:00 PM, on Saturday, February 2, 2013.

In honor of World Interfaith Harmony Week, you are invited to join us for this special occasion.

Because Lights of Nut will be held in a private home, attendance is by invitation only. You are welcome to bring a guest, however. The service will last about twenty minutes, then will be followed by coffee and cake. You need not be familiar with New Egyptian Spirituality, Paganism or Osireion in order to attend, and no particular attire is required. Just come and enjoy the communion of Spirit and friends. RSVP to sekhmet @ for an invitation and directions to the home location.

“Nut and the Cosmic Dream” and more beautiful art by Francene Hart may be found at