January 25 2015

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Book of Night ritual drama, presented by Osireion, Sunday, January 25, 2015, 7:00 PM. Reservation is required, RSVP to holli@sc.rr.com for address and directions.

The crafting of a life is an epic journey, the story of which has been told around the world for as long as we have memory. For the ancient Nile dwellers, survival was exquisitely poised on the banks of that great river, where the mysterious flood arose each year, bringing new fertility to all the land. But the Egyptians also carried the understanding of how this life is linked to the next one, the deep mysteries of life, death, rebirth and new, transformed life.

The story of those mysteries comes to us from numerous writings preserved in the royal tombs and temples: the Book of Going Forth By Day; the Book of Gates; the Book of Caverns, the Amduat, and several other afterlife texts. Each of them is a variation on the 12-hour journey of the sun through the netherworld, or Duat. Each hour requires passage through a gate, each hour is a stage of personal transformation for the soul. The journey culminates with the re-emergence of the sun – the transformed life – in the brilliant light of dawn. In ancient times, priests of the temple played the role of the gods in the story, as well as reciting and chanting praises and prayers.

Join Osireion for this special ritual drama presented as part of South Carolina Interfaith Harmony Month, and in anticipation of World Interfaith Harmony Week.  You must RSVP because space is limited.  After making your reservation, we will send you the address and directions for the Columbia, S.C. location.