Hathor-Min Celebration in the Park

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menatSunday, May 4, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Beautiful Hathor, One who enchants with music and dance,
Your loveliness enchants us all.
You remind us of our own beauty
You bring gladness and joy to the hearts of all
You lift your skirt to make the sorrowful laugh out loud
Hathor, Het-Her, goddess of the vine,
You bring abundance, the fertile land and the blessed womb
Welcome to our feast in your honor, in honor of joy!

hathor_sky_cowSpring is the time that we celebrate the goddess of beauty, happiness, song, sexuality, and pleasure, as she meets her consort Min, a god who represents virility.  Hathor was also called the Heavenly Cow, often shown with stars all over her body.

Bring a dish to share, especially something Mediterranean, and any drums or instruments you may have, and join your friends for merriment and feasting!  All are invited to join Osireion for this public ceremony on Sunday, May 4, 1:00 00 PM at   Cayce Riverwalk Park Pavilion. This beautiful park runs along the Congaree River, and the Pavilion is the large picnic shelter just inside the main entrance (beside restrooms), at the intersection of Axtell and Naples (“N” Avenue) in Cayce, SC. The entire park is ADA-compliant, with plenty of adjacent parking. Come early and explore the wonderful Riverwalk itself.