Lights of Nut

Sekhmet   January 31, 2012   No Comments on Lights of Nut

Every year at this time Ancient Egyptians gathered to celebrate the Feast of Nut, whose vast blue star-covered body stretched across the sky above them. The sun (symbolized by the scarab beetle in the painting at left) traveled across her body each day, was swallowed by her at dusk, then rebirthed each dawn. Nut’s arms and legs were the four… Read more »

Mysteries of Osiris

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Sunday, November 20, Osireion will hold beautiful ritual drama commemorating the death of Osiris, the lamentations of Isis, her search for Osiris, and the magic of his return to life as god of the ancient Egyptian world of the dead.  Annually, for thousands of years, this drama was re-enacted over a period of several days in Abydos, home of the… Read more »

Return to Balance: Autumn Equinox Ceremony Sept 25 at 4PM

“Truth, integrity, honesty, goodness and balance bring one closer to the spiritual essence that is all pervasive in the Universe. There is nothing more sacred or important to the practitioner of Ancient Egyptian religion. The cosmic order that is Ma’at connects everything in the ageless dance of beauty and motion giving meaning to existence on all levels. It is for… Read more »

Wep Renpet “Opening of the Year” Aug 7 at 7:15 PM

Wep Renpet – the “opening of the year” was the time in ancient Egypt of the great annual Nile inundation. Sahu (Orion) and Sopdet (Sirius), swallowed by the Duat around time of Vernal Equinox, reappear about 70 days later, just before the Nile’s annual inundation floods the land. The World of Manu is the original water of creation, embodied by… Read more »

Yule Ritual December 19 at Noon

All are invited to join Osireion as we celebrate the rebirth of the winter light. Public ritual (and light refreshments following) will be held Sunday, December 19, 12 Noon at Cayce Riverwalk Park Pavilion. This beautiful park runs along the Congaree River, and the Pavilion is the large picnic shelter just inside the main entrance (beside restrooms), at the intersection… Read more »

A Year of Spiritual Exploration Class

Osireion offers a year-long monthly class  in Columbia, S.C., called A Year of Spiritual Exploration.  To inquire about joining the next class, please contact us at sekhmet @ osireion. com  Soon we will introduce an online version of the course. Ancient roots of modern Paganism (text, Triumph of the Moon, by Ronald Hutton) Hermetic history and tradition  (text, Seth Speaks,… Read more »