Osireion Educational Offerings

Year of Spiritual Exploration
Twelve monthly classes with a book to read for nearly each class, plus handouts and online readings and resources. Topics include:
Ancient Roots of Modern Paganism (Triumph of the Moon, Hutton-recommended)
Hermetic History and Tradition (Seth Speaks, Roberts-required)
Energy, Field Theory, and Magickal Use (The Holographic Universe, Talbot-required)
Spiritual Framework (Pagan Spirituality, Higginbotham-recommended)
Journey From the Outer Court (The Jesus Mysteries, Freke and Gandy-required)
Divination and Discernment (no text)
Gaia as the Divine Manifest and the Goddess Within (The Earth Path, Starhawk-recommended)
Living In Community: Developing personal ethics (no text)
Living Between the Worlds (The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft, Penczak-recommended)
Ritual (NeoPagan Rites, Bonewits-required)
Walk Like An Egyptian (Temple of the Cosmos, Naydler-required)
Initiation: The Journey of Becoming (no text)

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Conscious & Creating
A six-week introductory course of study and practice based on the Seth material by Jane Roberts.

Helping Others: Ethics & Basics

Building Stronger Pagan Groups and Leaders

The Great Work: Crafting Your Soul

Basics of Paganism for Law Enforcement, Victim Advocates & Human Services
90-minute to 2-hour presentation with powerpoint.

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